Nadine Lustre and James Reid’s breakup is being defended by fans

In the midst of rumours that Nadine Luster and James Reid had split up, die-hard JaDine supporters are adamant that the separation *has not occurred* in any way! Until recently, they’ve only shared photos of the pair with their loved ones at Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

During a December 31 meeting with MJ Felipe, James said that their group is throwing a festival to commemorate the new year with Nadine somewhere in Rockwell Makati, which was brought to the knowledge of fans. In the forthcoming ABS-CBN Teleserye Soulmate, James Reid and Nancy McDonie will also star together.

“She’s been using poems as inscriptions since 2013, guys,” another fan commented in response to others who were perplexed by Nadine’s ostensibly *cryptic* Instagram captions. LOL. She likewise shares enigmas and words from the tunes she composed and will release.”

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James and Nadine originally revealed that they were dating in 2016, and in March 2019, they confirmed that they were living together. The pair has always been vocal about how much they feel for one another, describing how they were each other’s emotional support network during difficult times in their life in interviews! On February 11, 2020, the pair must commemorate their fourth anniversary.

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