The disbandment of K POP X1 has been announced

The organisations of X1’s individuals gathered on January 6 to discuss the future of X1. Following the gathering, the organisations made the decision to dismantle it. The Pariwiki Teleserye K POP X1 group has disbanded.

The groups issued a joint statement, which reads as follows:

Play M Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment, T.O.P. Media, OUI Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, DSP Media, Starship Entertainment, and Brandnew Music are among the companies represented.

Following an agreement between X1 persons and their organisations in a condition of consistent understanding, no agreement was reached, and they were disbanded as a result.”

This signifies the completion of X1, a venture group formed from Mnet’s Idol endurance programme “PRODUCE X 101.”

Even before the concluding scene was distributed, the gathering was contested for vote control, and the line up was exposed to be manipulated.


CJ ENM also expressed an open conciliatory mood for the case on December 30 of last year. Heo Minhee of CJ ENM apologised for the votes in the gear Produce arrangement, stating that they will forfeit all of the profits acquired by the gatherings. They also promised to compensate students who were impacted by the voting control.

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